UPDATED- Kpop WTF: Seungri's Twitter Shenanigans

Big Bang's Seungri joined the Twitter-verse early this past Monday morning and if you were paying attention to the Kpop world anytime in the last few days, you probably heard about it.

Seungri's profile photo.

Twitter (and Tumblr and every Kpop news site) was abuzz with the news and "Seungri" even trended worldwide for awhile.

Big Bang Seungri Twitter trend 121119

I happened to be checking my Twitter at around 8 am Monday morning so I had a bird's eye view for all the ensuing shenanigans.  I laughed my ass off as I watched Seungri tweet... and tweet... and tweet some more, all in his uniquely comical style.

However, this post isn't giving a WTF to Seungri for joining Twitter.  I'm more interested in what happened today to make his account go from having tons of unruly and highly amusing tweets to just 6 self pics and 2 comments.  Boring, my friend ... boring as hell.

One can only assume that Papa YG and his fellow band members laid the smack down on him when they saw him.  I can just imagine how that conversation went.  Apparently they don't like fun, carefree Seungri to have his way with Twitter; they only want the blah version to be presented to the world. 

I totally knew this would happen though.  He was going too wild.  He was tweeting pics of the hotel he was in, tweeting and following his fansites, tweeting fake Seungris and telling them to stop, he was pretty much tweeting everyone and their dog.  It was glorious while it lasted, but probably not that great of an idea from a Kpop idol standpoint.  

So... I decided to screencap all of his tweets.  Yeah, I'm crazy like that.  If you saw them already you can always read them again because they're that good.  If you missed them, well... you're welcome.  

Big Bang Seungri tweets 121119

Big Bang Seungri tweets 121119

Big Bang Seungri tweets 121119

Big Bang Seungri tweets 121119

Big Bang Seungri tweets 121119

Big Bang Seungri tweets 121119

Edited to add:

This catastrophe in the making was so fun to watch.  Sigh... I miss crazy Seungri already.

What did you guys think of Seungri's Twitter antics?

Source: @forvictoRiamorala, ygfamilyy @ tumblr.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.

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  1. I miss him too and i'll free fall from my apartment..T.T


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