Kpop WTF: HyunA, Goo Hara And Hyorin Twerk It For Chum Churum Soju

If you haven't taken a gander at Sistar's Hyorin, Kara's Goo Hara and 4minute's HyunA poppin' and twerkin' it in the 19+ commercials for soju brand Chum Churum, then you need to because it is not to be missed.

Sistar's Hyorin, Kara's Goo Hara and 4minute's HyunA twerk it for Chum Churum soju.
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Watch the rest of the commercials here.

I give Hyorin a 10 out of 10 for bringing sexy cheerleader realness to her commercial.  Goo Hara also snatched some wigs (with a wig on, how appropriate) but HyunA... gurl, you went a little overboard, didn't you??

Hmm... So let's talk about this, shall we?

After watching these three lovely young women dropping it like it's hot while hawking a brand of soju, my mouth was kind of open.  You're probably wondering why that is.  Well, when I first got into Kpop three years ago, most of the girl groups I was inadvertently introduced to were extra cutesy-girly, like Girl's Generation. In fact this is the first Kpop girl group mv I ever saw:

Totally not my type of thing but I (surprisingly) grew to like this song anyway.

There were a few groups that were sexy but they never seemed overly in your face about it and aegyo reigned supreme.  Now the pendelum has swung the other way and sex for sex's sake is in, just like here in the U.S.  Well... almost.

See now, I find absolutely nothing wrong with that so don't assume I made this post to bash HyunA, with a side helping of Hara and Hyorin.  On the contrary, I'm all about equal rights.  If I can sit here and enjoy watching some hot, barely legal Asian guy in a complicated outfit as he rips his shirt off, it would be quite hypocritical of me to have a problem with some Uncle fan salivating over these girls as they try to bootie clap.  Damn that's a long sentence.  Anyway, you get what I mean, I'm sure.

My problem with it is this one: Will it ever stop?  Will it get to the point where we'll be jaded enough to not bat an eyelid at all the grinding and (if I may be so vulgar) pu**y popping?  It seems like it.  Most of the Youtube comments on these commercials seemed to be full of praise for these "goddesses" and their fabulous bodies.

I, for one, am kind of saddened at the passing of all the so-called morality, but I AM glad to see some of that cutesy stuff go bye bye.

Lastly, since I'm not one to pass up a chance to be snarky: Is it just me or did HyunA do something to her face?  She looks a tad tight in the cheekbones.

As usual, let's discuss!  Leave me your thoughts in the comments below and I'll be sure to answer back.

Source: karalalala, firstsojutvSMENT.


  1. I don't think there's anything wrong with the dancing in any of the videos - and to be honest I didn't recognize Hara at all. I don't think Hyuna looks any different than she's previously looked. SNSD have always been pretty sexualized. Even in the MV you posted there's MAJOR focus on their legs (which is hardly innocently intended) and their latest performances (and the outfits worn in them) have just been.. yeah, odd imo. But then again, I never really liked anyone but Sooyoung and Sunny in SNSD, so who am I to judge.
    What I find ridiculous is the name of the soju (a little sexually suggestive, no?) and the song... that fucking song -__-" my god. It's ridiculous.

  2. Yeah see, to me the aegyo in that mv screams "I'm trying to be cute and girlish" and those shorts are about the same length I see little girls wearing all day in the summer here, so I don't get any sexual overtones from it. I'm sure that's what they're going for with those outfits but I've always thought SNSD was more uncoordinated looking in those shorts and heels (shorts and pumps are never cute) with their coltishly awkward versions of those dance moves. Seen Rino Nakasone do those moves? Now that's what I'm talking about. Or even someone wih more natural dance talent. The newer outfits are odd too. But I feel like SM always dresses them and TVXQ in ugly outfits.

    What does Chum Churum mean? :)

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