Kpop WTF: Idol Managers Back In the Spotlight For Hitting Fans

As you can see, I finally got my cable service back a week after Hurricane Sandy.  Talk about boring!  But like I said in my last post, I'm totally not complaining because it could have been WAY worse.  I'm just glad to be warm and dry with a house to come home to, and now even more glad that I can blog again and catch up with Kpop news.

Of course one of the first things to catch my eye is a tweet about an EXO manager hitting a fan.  Sighhh....  Wtf??

Kpop WTF: EXO managers hits fans.

If you've been into Kpop at anytime in the past few years, you've probably heard of this phenomenon.  It usually takes place in busy areas like airports where some super popular Kpop group is stupidly trying to force their way through hordes of fangirls (and a few fanboys) with about two security guards and five managers as their only buffer between these girls and them.

We all can guess what happens then, right?  Grown women and young girls alike  get caught up in the furor and accidentally manage to end up right in the middle of the group's path, which is what seems to have happened to the girl in the following video.  The situation starts around minute 1:23.

The pleasant music and slo mo effects just adds to the creepiness.  Interestingly enough, this video is from August, so I find it curious that it's just now hitting the spotlight.
This is not the first instance of a manager hitting a fan nor will it be the last, I'm sure, but SM Entertainment seems to be the one company that keeps getting caught on video doing it.  

EXO-M manager hits fanboy

EXO manager hits fan

EXO manager hits fans
Is he... laughing??

You might even have seen footage of one of SHINee's managers hitting a young girl that was taken around late 2009/early 2010.  In this video you can see Minho and Taemin's looks of shock as their manager cold cocks the girl so hard she ends up falling.  Was it the same dude?  So not cool, SM Ent...  

SHINee manager hits fan

I can't even.  

Whether any of these girls are sasaeng fans remains to be seen.  However, I'm thinking SM Entertainment needs to make a statement with a very sincere apology and any and all abusive managers need to be fired.  

The world is watching and we are not amused.

Source: Liuka Jimsoompi



  1. omg, this is crazy and horrible. The thing that gets me these girls are to afraid to do something back. I mean the mangers need to keep there hands off people, but if they had hit me lit that girl in the video or the one in the shinee clip. I would have so hit him or said something back. These mangers need a taste of there own medicine.

  2. I know right? My face was like :0 when I saw the gifs and vids. In the U.S. they'd get told off or punched back.

  3. Welcome back (n you back with these horrible gifs)

    I personally think that SM with these big bunch of great artist maybe need to make a security guard company.
    We can't blame the managers with the hectic schedule, crazy fans, camera flashes everywhere, the tension will get higher. But still hit the girl is a big NO NO, n most of the fans are girl so......

  4. I read somewhere that fangirl tend to touch or grab the artists n if the manager blocked them or hit them, they will be so proud of it n boast it. I'm sure this kind of fans are ssasaeng fans. But if they were accidentally hit n get hurt that will be another story

  5. Well thanks! Yeah I know those gifs r horrible, which is why I couldn't help but write about it. I was going to include something about sasaeng fans but it was making the post EXTRA long, which means probably no one would read it...lol. I'll write about them later definitely because that would definitely put all this into perspective.

    I do think they need to hire better security. Some fans do tend to think it's "cool" to get hit by the managers and some fans r just plain crazy. The boys should definitely not have to go through all that groping and stuff.

  6. I'm sorry the one with Sehun is funny, she knows she was in the way. They need real security so they don't have to be so archaic.

  7. I wish they would get security but I tend to think that'll never happen. SM wants the fans to be crazy and to spend money.

  8. I think why sehun laugh because he couldnt believe that the manager slapped the girl... Fuck that Manager! ! How could SM entertainment hired a people like that ! I think the manager supposed to be the one should be manage.. Fuck him. !

  9. He is absolutely a gay. I'm sure. They're just girls and who do you think you are???

  10. ❥❥FattyAmanda!❥❥October 17, 2014 at 2:44 AM

    i think it because he scared they will be ssasaeng fans. and i also think he slap the gives away maybe they put gst inside or what ever . he is protecting exo . but this way is actully too mustt..
    i also dont know i should agree with it or not im stack in the middle


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