Oddness/Weirdness Blog Will Be Back Soon

I haven't posted in a few days, but there's a reason for that. 

As you probably already know, Hurricane Sandy blew through the Northeast U.S. on Sunday night and caused a ton of damage.  Many people lost their homes or found them half filled with water, the Atlantic City coastline is demolished, a tanker washed up on the streets of Staten Island. Those are the sorts of things that happened that day.

Thankfully all that happened to me is that I lost my cable signal, which means I just can't watch tv or sign onto my computer or blog, but that is an extremely small price to pay.

I'll be back to blogging as soon as possible; hopefully you guys will still be interested in this silly little Kpop blog.

Thanks for reading!


  1. awww... hopefully everything will get better
    comeback soon, I'll be here ^ ^

  2. Oops... thought I replied to this. Thanks so much! :)

  3. I was in the States myself when Hurricane Sandy hit. Glad you are okay.:)

  4. Hey u! Well I'm glad ur ok too! What state were u in during the Hurricane?

  5. I was in Arizona so we had wonderful weather. Bit ironic really. Sorry I haven't been around, the internet has been down here for the last 5 days...again.

  6. I saw that on ur blog. I know how that is! This storm was the worst... Some people STILL don't have power if u can imagine. Or a house. :(


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