Block B Releases Jaehyo's Teaser With Added Noona Cleavage

This month has been dubbed Blocktober by all spazzing Block B fans and Blocktober continues with the release of Jaehyo's teaser for "Nillili Mambo".

Block B's Jaeyho comeback teaser 121009

Lol look at him all up in her cleavage.

Here I was thinking this teaser was pretty cheesy until I got to this part:

Block B's Jaeyho comeback teaser 121009

Oof... flipped off!  She must've just realized that he's really a baby.  Hahaaa... Gotta love it.  Here's hoping that is NOT an actual song on the album because just no.

Missed B-Bomb's teaser?  Watch it here and be sure to check back for more Block B goodness!

Source: LOENENT, Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.


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