Block B Comeback Madness: B-Bomb's Teaser + More Zico On the Block 1.5

Block B has finally announced their comeback and I only have one thing to say:  Yessssss!!

Alright, you know I have a lot more than one word for this beautiful Kpop gift that has been given unto us.  I'll start with the fact that Block B finally revealed that they will be making their comeback on October 17th with a FULL LENGTH ALBUM.  Yep... I repeat: Full.  Length. Album.  I'm doing backflips in my head right now.  

They released a teaser featuring B-Bomb today and you must watch it.

Okay so he looks good, the song sounds incredible and I'm happy.  Watch them not promote this song... smh.  

I'm assuming we can anticipate at least 5 more teasers to match all six members, which sounds damned good to me.  But that's not all!!

Zico has also been a busy boy.  He pre-released a second track from his upcoming mixtape, Zico On the Block 1.5.  Listen to “다음부터 잘할게(I’ll Treat You Better Next Time)” below:

Yes, that IS Allison Harvard from America's Next Top Model.

Good song but I'm not loving this one as much as I love his other pre-release, "Battle Royal".  I've listened to that one about 234396796 times so far.

Are you excited yet??  Well that's still not all.

Get more Match Up: Block B Returns teaser pics here, and be sure to "like" my FB page.

It's also been announced that they'll be starring in Match Up: Block B Returns, which will be airing on SBS MTV.  Last year the boys were featured in MTV's Match Up along with B1A4, and I'll just admit that I ended up thinking B1A4 were borinnngggg and bland.  I still think the same thing (cue BANAs leaving annoyed messages on this post).

If you don't remember or didn't watch this show, here's an example of the types of shenanigans that went on:

They're crazy and I like it.  

You can watch more of last year's MTV Match Up with English subs here.  These shows ended up being subbed super quickly (and very well) by a BBC fansite called Block B International.  They even included the B1A4 parts, which was very sweet of them. Let's just hope they're as fast and accurate this year.  

Stay tuned for more Block B comeback news!



  1. 10 days left bro! EEEK I CAN'T WAIT! >: D BLOCKTOBER FTW!

  2. Blocktober is right! :fangirling:

  3. HECK YESSS! I'm celebrating full on, bro! Spending all my dough on Block.B these days! HAHA


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