Kpop WTF: What Ever Happened to Block B?

I was just sitting here thinking that there's been a serious lack of Block B info on the Kpop scene.  

What's going on with them?  I totally miss Zico and his crazy self.

I'm not going to go into the whole Block B/Thailand controversy and their enforced silence or anything... you can revisit the whole sad story here if you like.  However, I will say that I'm sure they've recognized the error of their ways and are ready to comeback hard with a renewed attitude.  

Block B's producer, Cho PD, recently tweeted this:

“Daebak track! Block B, you guys will have to really rehearse the dance this time around haha.”

Is that a hint at a possible comeback?  I hope so, because they're too good to just fade into obscurity. 

It would really be a shame.

If they are coming back soon, I just have one thing to say to netizens who have a problem with it:

You can...

... Just keep it to yourself.

Source: allkpop.comCho PD's Twitterpa_her94


1 comment:

  1. They're such a great group. I really hope they comeback this year.


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