G-Dragon Reveals His Thoughts on Song #2, "Light It Up"

Yesterday it was old school style in the song "Missing You".  Today G-Dragon released another video where he talks about, and previews, the song "Light It Up" from his soon to be released "One of a Kind" mini album.  "Light It Up" is a rap song in which GD collaborates with Tablo and Dok2.  Check it out:

I'm not quite a fan of "Missing You" but this song sounds sooo good.  Makes me even more excited for the album to come out.  Tomorrow, right?    Korean time always confuses me, but yes it's tomorrow.

After watching this, I so want to take GD aside and tell him he needs a good creme rinse on that head before it falls right out.  It's scaring me at the moment.

Kpop sure has come a long way though.  I remember about 2 years ago when I first got into Kpop and Kdramas.  I had to watch "Full House" on this janky site with awful, blurry ass videos that took forever to buffer.  My computer wasn't even old AND I had a cable modem.  I was mad as hell but I still sat there and watched it late into the night, reading those crappy English subs because I was fascinated by the whole thing (and Rain, of course).  I also remember wishing and hoping someone would upload and/or sub something I wanted to watch.  English subs took forever to appear, if they did at all.  Months later I'd find some video I'd wanted to watch that had been subbed and was so happy some lovely fan had taken it upon themselves to do all that hard work.

Now you have your choice of places to watch music videos and Kdramas and many entertainment companies are preparing their own English subs.  Thanks YG Entertaiment and GD, for all your thoughtfulness and for remembering that there's tons of international fans out there watching out for you.  You've got our backs, we've got yours.

Oh and btw, I've got a bit of GD fashion for you.  I was really into that sequinned jacket that he wore in yesterday's preview and happened upon it this morning.

Ashish AW 2012

What a beautiful piece.  

See you tomorrow for some spazzing over the release of the "One of a Kind" digital album... or not if YG is trolling and/or my ability to tell Korean date and time is wrong (totally possible).

This is me telling my friends about Kpop, that's how my friends react.

What do you guys think about both previews so far?  Leave me a comment and we'll discuss.

Source: hannahlouisefashionKOREANSTYLEFASHIONandIkrisatomic.  Screencaps by: Oddness/Weirdness.



  1. Thanks for the post! I agree, not into Missing You at all. Light It Up sounds real promising, especially that great riff in the background. I gotta say though my favorite track so far is That XX.

  2. You're welcome! So far I can't decide between One of a Kind and That XX, leaning more towards That XX though.

  3. Only he could get away with wearing a salmon pink cap and it's not even a flat brim!!


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