Another G-Dragon Post Because I Can: New "One of a Kind" Album Teasers

G-Dragon is heading into the home stretch on that "One of a Kind" album release date so he seems to be kicking it up a notch with teasers and previews, which I love.

I woke up today to these pretties:

All the pics are great, even the ones we've seen before, but the first two are incredible.  Are those supposed to be his seven disciples in the second pic?  I do happen to think that is correct.  Great job on courting more controversy, GD... you do it so well.  Also those Balmain pants are really cool.  You can get the t-shirt in this mint faberge print for only about $500 U.S. here.

Genius hairstyle too.  I'm a bit worried for his hair though, as it's starting to look like straw. 

YG Entertainment also released a preview for the song "Missing You", feat. Juarim's Kim Yun Ah from the upcoming album.  In it GD talks about the song and his inspirations and feelings leading into the creation of it.    Plus English subs!

He's so matter of fact while talking about loneliness and stuff, which is pretty sad.  The song plays in the background so you can make out a bit of it while he talks.  

YG Ent has also revealed that they'll be releasing this sort of preview of different songs daily leading into September 15, when the album drops.  What do you guys think of this sort of preview?  I like it a lot, actually.  It's really interesting to hear about the process of a song.  I do also like the other type of mv teaser, so it's a toss up either way.

Lastly, I learned that Taeyang will be teaming up with GD for his Inkigayo comeback stage on September 16th AND Naver music site will be broadcasting a live stream event where he'll be chatting w/ fans.  Go check it out if you're fluent in Korean and can read Hangeul.  Sadly I won't be watching because I possess neither of these skills.  

So much news, so much more to come!  I'll keep you posted. 

Source: BIGBANGNaver, AKPenewsworld.



  1. Loving these pics and the Missing You preview. I just discovered your blog today and I'm super happy that I did! Thanks for this GD post. I love knowing where all the fashion comes from, but I don't exactly have an eye for identifying pieces, lol. This is a really fun post :-).

  2. The knee-high lace-up boots are MAJOR.

  3. Aww thanks so much! I'm just super happy u like something I enjoy doing. :D

  4. They sure are! I was contemplating looking for those but I'm sleepy. Gives me something to do tomorrow...lol.


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