Videos of the Day: Phantom's "Burning" and Jay Park "I Love You" Dance Practice

Today was a good day for video releases, I must say.  I found two to titillate you... I hope.  I certainly liked them so now it's time to foist them on you in the hopes that you do too.

So Jay Park released a dance practice video for "I Love You" today.  He's been releasing stuff left and right lately... I definitely have nothing bad to say about this one, unlike my opinion on his recently released "New Breed" mv, 

Jay is preparing for his 'New Breed Asia Tour in Seoul' concert, along with Prepix dance crew, and uploaded this vid to let people check out what he's up to.  

See now, THIS is what I'm talking about.  This is the Jay Park I know and love.  This song is hot and needs to get on my iPod with a quickness.  

Flaw.  Free.

Secondly, I'm currently spazzing about the group rookie group Phantom.  I "waxed poetic" about them and how they were finally debuting at AKPF last night, so click to learn more about them.  There's actually lots of good stuff to watch in that post, if you've never heard of Phantom or just need a refresher.

Their new song is called "Burning" and it's off their newly released first mini album, 'Phantom City'.

Is it their best song ever?  Nah.. but it's catchy and they're extremely talented.  

They can go from that to this:

All the love.


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