Jay Park Copies Zombie Boy for "New Breed" MV

Jay Park released his mv for the song "New Breed" today and it was pretty... underwhelming.  Before you read on, please note that I actually like Jay Park, so Jaywalkers need not go off on me.

Yeah I said it...  He copied Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy for this one.   
Edited to add: Jay Park has admitted to being inspired by Rick Genest, which is good.

If you're not sure who Rick Genest is, yes, those are real tattoos and yes, his whole body is covered with them.  Actually I'm not sure if his whole body is covered with them, but I digress.  I've been waiting for Jay Park. to release an mv with that makeup on ever since I saw this pic.  

This video looks like Jay spent a whole $100 on it.  Come on... where's the dancing and stuff? I'm disappointed.  Plus, at first listen, the song is just ok.  I'll have to listen to it again to see what I really think.  

There's not much more to say about this mv, besides the fact that I think Jay Park's flow is alright, but this 16 year old's is better.

Hopefully he'll do well with this song.  If not, better luck next time Jay.

Source: jaybumaom0425, Screencaps: Oddness/Weirdness



  1. when I saw mv first time it was....strange.
    I thought that Jay don't had idea what to do with himself.
    But this song is amazing :D

  2. Yeah it was a little awkward. I'll have to listen to the song more to see if I'll end up liking it. I like his songs like "Abandoned" more. :)


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