Video of the Day: Teen Top's "Be Ma Girl" MV + Dance Version

Teen Top are such cuties!  I'm glad they're back with a new song, even though they never really left after their promotions for "To You".  They're back with the song "Be Ma Girl" and they've released a regular version and a dance version in quick succession.  They know we love those choreography vids, don't they?

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Teen Top- "Be Ma Girl" 

Teen Top- "Be Ma Girl" Dance Version

I like the first 15 seconds of the song the most, which is kind of sad.  C.A.P's rap at minute marker 1:30 is another part that stands out in a good way, which is something I've never said about any other song of theirs.  To be honest, the rest of the song just sounds like some of their other stuff.  Brave Sound needs to come up with a more evolved sound for them, really.  It's getting old.  I miss their "Supa Luv" and "No More Perfume on You" type of sound the most.  

I really like that C.A.P is in the front of the formation for the beginning of this mv.  It's usually always Niel so this is a nice change, and he does a good job.  A fun rap and great dancing?  Go C.A.P!  

I also quite like the scenes where they're hanging out having fun.  They don't look forced or fake at all, which is hard to achieve.

As for the dance version, I enjoyed it, especially the fact that they're always in sync.  Do they have one brain??  The only bad/amusing thing is the really hilarious sight of them trying to do the cat daddy with some sort of swag and... failing.  Sorry guys.  Not a good look.

I do have one major bone to pick with this.  Wtf is Niel wearing right here?  

Those pants are atrocious.   Burn those, please.

I'm, as always, looking forward to seeing them perform this live.  I'm usually left wondering how they manage to dance so hard and fast while singing.  They really do a great job at that.  

What do u guys think of these music videos and song?

Source: LOENENT.  Screen caps: Oddness/Weirdness.



  1. I love their song I love cap in this mv and changjo I didn't like how the touched the penis all the time

  2. Aww... well maybe they won't do that next time. :)

  3. I hope so but I still love the song <3 :3

  4. It's a great song, right? Really cute video other than that one issue.

  5. ljoe & CAP are my supa luv

  6. They are definitely cuties. :)


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