Shinee's Taemin Airport Style

I've blogged about Key from Shinee's airport fashion enough times that I thought I'd move on to someone else, namely Taemin.  This guy is just so adorable, but don't tell him that.  I know he'd rather be thought of as manly and sexy, so we'll go with that.

Taemin usually gives great airport style, especially in the last few years.  In the past, he tended to wear huge jackets that obviously were not originally his, so I'm glad he's over that phase.  One thing I really like about Taemin is that he tends to wear things he likes multiple times, often in quick succession, many of them gifts from fans.  It's kinda cute knowing that the guy really likes something, right?

Same pants, different day.

Source: Credit as tagged and where due, forever_shinee, airportfashion



  1. Taemins airport fashion looks fresh! Maybe because he is young. I don't but whenever I look at his pictures on the airport the only thing that comes into my kind was fresh Korean fashion style. I love Taemin's korean fashion style. I love Onew's Korean fashion too. I love both of their korean fashion.

  2. I love it too! Thanks for leaving me a comment. I hope u visit again. :)

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