Shinee's Key Airport Style Pt. 2

I'm always on the lookout for pics of Key's airport style.  This is because he always has such a well thought out combination of pieces on and I'm usually intrigued, and occasionally flabbergasted, by it.  Key obviously puts a lot of thought into everything he wears, all the way down to his socks.  I love the way he pairs graphic prints and colors in such a pleasing way, and that he has no qualms about wearing women's clothes.  I'm also extremely jealous of his shoe, accessory and tshirt collection.

Yes, he is wearing clogs.
Zara Women's jacket over his shoulders like the fashionisto he is.
I'm sure that's a Marc by Marc Jacobs women's wallet.

This jacket is incredible.
Outside KBS building but still fabulous.  Zara jacket, Givenchy tee.

Henrik Vibskov shoes.  I love them.
Jeremy Scott x Adidas shoes.
Jeremy Scott x Adidas
Cheap Monday women's jeans.
He was wearing a letterman style jacket before they came back in style.

Lady Gaga pin
Source: Credit where due and as tagged

I'm sure he does a lot of shopping online... Let a girl know your favorite sites, Key!



  1. Ha ha he has more clothes than me, damn it! I love his style too. The other day I wanted to buy this wristband on-line but I couldn't decide because I thought it looked more Emo than Hip Hop, and then I thought of all these guys and the way they just wear what they like and throw on loads of different looks and they all work so well together.

    So I bought the wristband. ;)

  2. Yay @ u being influenced by Key. I love it! How could u not, though? He's so good. I'm pretty sure he's got more clothes than me and u combined, which I'm sure is a LOT.... Lol. I'm glad u got the cuff. I like that ur not letting a certain genre of styles dictate what u wear, coz really the only person that it should matter what they think is u. :)

  3. Wow, he's got a distinct style. Looks like he's his own stylist which is fantastic. Those "Marie Claire" shorts are nice. Love that outfit^^

    1. Oh and I forgot to mention, the "Fuck Off, We're Closed" is just icing


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