G-Dragon's Already Releasing Another Song & MV, "That XX"

Another song and mv already??  I'm surprised but not complaining in any way, shape or form.  In fact I'm excited, of course.  Here's the teaser that was released today:

That's right, you guessed it:  Another countdown clock.  Ah well, at least it tells me (kind of) exactly when the song will be released.  Fyi, the pic came out August 29 and the countdown clock was updated today.  

It seems that the number 19 signifies that the song is rated 19 and older for mature audiences only.  Oohhh juicy!  I'm also liking GD's hair.  

What will we be in for this time?  One can only imagine.  Stay tuned for the mv and an in depth discussion about the mv and mv fashion.

Source: yg-life


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