G-Dragon to Release a New MV, I Cannot Wait

As mentioned the other day, Big Bang's G-Dragon will finally be releasing a new album.  Cue emotional fangirling here.

Right now he's in the process of filming an mv and he's taken to twitter to tease us with pics from it.

Nice shoes!

As netizens often do, they managed to make a stink over the "money flower" in pic 3, saying that it's illegal to deface official Korean money and that he was flaunting his wealth.  They made enough of a stink that YG Entertainment had to issue a statement letting people know that it was a prop for his new mv.


Netizens can also do good things though.  As I was scrolling through tumblr a few days ago, I noticed that someone with sharp eyes was informing people that the outfits in pic 4 were from G-Dragon's 'Shine A Light' concert series.  I'm going to go with that unless I learn differently.

Lastly, GD's countdown clock says this now:

I appear to have been an idiot the other day when I couldn't figure it out, because it seems pretty easy now. 
It looks as if D-Day is August 18th, aka GD's birthday.  Does that mean they've found a workaround for the whole Korean Media Ratings Board issue?  I certainly hope so.

Stay tuned!  I'll be posting all info about G-Dragon's comeback and mv as it's released.  Early warning though:  there will be LOTS of fangirling ahead.

Source: @IBGDRGN


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