Dress Like: f(x)'s Amber Liu

As I mentioned last week, I've been noticing that people are looking to dress like Amber Liu from f(x).  In fact, two of the most popular posts on this blog have to do with Amber's fashion (Idol Style & Electric Shock Shoe Porn).  So today I'm showing you lovely readers how to translate Amber's super boyish style from stage to street.

dress like f(x)'s amber liu



While performing, Amber is often seen wearing a loose fit graphic tee, skinny jeans, a snapback cap with a funky print, some sort of jacket, and lots of chunky jewelry.  There's been multiple sightings of her wearing varsity jackets, so I went with that option.  

As we all know, most Kpop idol fashion is either designer, or expensive avant garde brands mostly only found in Europe, or Asia.  Here's how I took her ultra-trendy stage style to the accessible street version.

dress like f(x)'s amber liu
Clockwise from top left: 1. tillys varsity jacket, 2. fallon necklace, 3. !ITEM jeans (same as worn in Electric Shock mv), 4. Biggie Warhol tee, 5.Asos armor cuff, 6. Jeffrey Campbell Ving Spike, 7. the Broadway snapback.

A big trend in Kpop fashion right now is irreverent graphic tees, with a recent focus on band tees, as you can see Amber wearing in the video above.  I found many options available here.  To achieve her look, all you need to do is cut the sleeves off of a tee, cut the sides open to wherever you feel comfortable, throw a layering tank or tube underneath and you're good to go.

You can do pretty much any bright colored or patterned jean with these types of outfits, and I found many options at Urban Outfitters to choose from.

dress like f(x)'s amber liu 2

Clockwise from left: 1. Current Elliot jeans, 2. Guns n Roses tee, 3. Motel jeans, 4. House of Harlow cuff, 5. Jeffrey Campbell 8th St..

Planning on using any of these tips?  Make sure you have some fun with it.... That's the whole point.

Source: Screencap and collages- Oddness/Weirdness, Video- tammyphame.



  1. Really awesome post! Great ideas!
    Thanks ^^

  2. It's interesting to see that when Amber isn't wearing "stage clothes" she's much more hip hop. I think that's where her heart is really. :)

    1. Totally agree with u. It's all about the oversized boy clothes for her. Have u checked out that link I gave u?

  3. I did but I haven't for a while. I will now. ;)

  4. Is this a band member or Amber's girlfriend? Or maybe both. :D They look cute anyway.


    1. It's Krystal from f(x). The culture there is a bit different in that girls and guys can hold hands and stuff and noone cares. I thought I'd answered this last week, sorry!


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