Airport Style: SMTown Artists Head to Japan for SMTown Live Tokyo III

Yesterday I gave you a glimpse of what the members of SHINee wore on their trip to Tokyo, Japan to perform in the SM Entertainment SMTown Live Tokyo III concerts.  Today it's all about the rest of them.  Scroll down for some airport fashion from TVXQ, SNSD aka Girl's Generation, f(x), EXO-M and EXO-K and Super Junior.  




SNSD Girls' Generation
This whole outfit is great. Love these jeans!  Get them here on sale before they sell out.

Love this too!  Looks like she's wearing the Jeffrey Campbell Homg. 

I'm sorry but Sooyoung is scary skinny.

Super Junior
Sungmin and Leeteuk's outfits are so cute, I had to show them again.

Source: Credit as tagged, kyuhyunvnkpopstarz.



  1. Is it my imagination or is Amber getting a wee bit more girly? Maybe just changing due to age etc?

  2. You think so?? She looks like a boy to me.

  3. I noticed a bit on that link you gave me too. Perhaps her figure is just getting a bit more "rounded" it's the first time I've seen her erm... chest.

    You know her problem will be if she's gay or straight. If she's straight I think we'll see her softening her look (to appeal to boys), if she isn't then she'll probably continue to be the cute butch she is. Or if she really has gender confusion, transition.

    I'm kinda fascinated to see which way she'll go, but something tells me we may see Amber soften her look more and more, but I really hope I'm wrong.

    Sorry if this is a bit heavy for your blog but obviously her journey interests me. :)

    1. Please feel free to make any sort of comment on here. :). It's not too heavy at all. As for her being more rounded, maybe she forgot or didnt get to wrap? On the post about going to Japan she looks flat as ever. I did notice that, though. I've seen her unwrapped a few times but not very often.

  4. Thanks. :)

    Actually it may be because she's at an airport, I've had many seriously cringe making situations going through security that have forced me to adapt my look too. It may well be that. Plus of course as she grows more "womanly" binding isn't always as effective for obvious reasons. Could be that too.

    Bless her, it's not all as fun and cute as one may think. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.


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