Shinee's Summery Airport Fashion 120803

I came upon these pics of Shinee's airport style just now and had to share.  They were headed to Japan for SMTown Live Tokyo III today (or yesterday in S. Korea... always confuses me) and OMG do they look cute!  So cute that I want to put them all in my pocket so I can take them out when I need to get into a better mood.

Make sure you scroll down and look at every pic because there's something to look at in each frame, Especially Taemin and Onew.  Yes Onew's shirt does say that.  Yes there is a bill sticking out.  Gah!

Source: Credit as tagged, forever_shinee.


  1. When I buy any clothes from Korea I always have to buy them at least one size bigger than UK mens clothing. Are these guys very petite?

    Still not feelin' the above knee shorts I have to say. :D

  2. VERY petite and Key is wearing girl pants. I <3 the shorts though. :P lol

  3. taemin's clothes look uncomfortable for me.. a lil bit too much?? onew really looks great in that t shirt..kekekeke

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  5. hii shinee we love you so so so much comeing to kurdistan plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Wow...you might be my first commenter from Kurdistan. Thanks for the comment! That would be great if Shinee could visit. :)


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