Video of the Day: SHINee's Minho @ Idol Star Olympics

In honor of the Olympics, which I shall be watching shortly, here's some Minho from SHINee being all overly competitive on the Idol Star Olympics.  Watch quickly before MBC has it deleted!  Link to day 1 of the show below.

Minho winning the 110m hurdles, being super exaggerated.


Too cute!

"Eunhyuk: Who’s the person you think of the most right now? 

Minho: The members, of course. 
Eunhyuk: Say something to the members 
Minho: Are you watching, SHINee?"

It's the Idol Star Olympics, sweetie, not the actual Olympics.  Lol I'll stop now... I <3 him, he just cracks me up. 

Watch the rest of the Idol Star Olympics Day 1 here.   Make sure to get there quickly before they delete it!  It's already happening... dun dun DUNNN!

Source: MissMinho091291shineetown.



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