So G-Dragon Decided to Open a Twitter Account Today...

Big Bang's G-Dragon finally opened a Twitter account today and managed to rack up over 135,000 followers, and counting, in less than 7 hours.  That's pretty bad ass in my opinion.

Taeyang was the first to verify GD's twitter account:

G-Dragon: yessir!! ah but I have no idea what any of this is

GD proceeded to have a little convo with producer Choice37, who he often mentions in songs, and Taeyang:

This tweet seems to have been deleted.

G-Dragon: Man what you doin?I'm finished now.
Taeyang: I'm just lying down man you worked hard~ have a nice dream bro

My thoughts??

It would thoroughly amuse me if he tweeted crazy stuff alllll day.  Bring it, GD!

Source: @Choice37, @realtaeyang, @IBGDRGNxrinnn.  Translations: bigbangupdates


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