Jo Kwon From 2AM's Solo Album Concept Seems Pretty Familiar

Is it just me or does Jo Kwon's teasers for his solo album, "I'm Da One" (sigh... Really Jo Kwon??), look a lot like Xia Junsu's?

Seems like the Pinhead from Hellraiser version of Junsu's concept for "Tarantallegra".

Jo Kwon even named one of his songs after a Harry Potter spell:

I, for one, feel like the gauntlet has been thrown and now there will be an epic battle of the solo singers between Jo Kwon and Junsu.  Hopefully there will be a big dance off involved with lots kkap and flailing of hands.  Epic indeed.

Seriously though, I'm rooting for Jo Kwon to do well.  I've never listened to any 2AM songs, since they're more of a ballad group and I'm not much into ballads, but I've enjoyed what I've seen of Jo Kwon's public persona.  His album will be released on June 25th and will reportedly have some dance tracks on it, as well as ballads. 

For your listening pleasure, here are the two preview tracks Big Hit Entertainment released  from "I'm Da One" today:

Just a Kiss

Animal (Radio Edit)

To tell you the truth, I think that "Just a Kiss", though not my style, is very pretty and showcases his voice very well.  However, "Animal" sounds like a cut rate Lady Gaga song.  I would be very interested to see what Jo Kwon would do with an mv to "Animal" and I really do want to see an epic dance off.  Bring it on boys!

Source: omonatheydidntUniqueJoKwonwww.allkpop

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