Idol Style: Big Bang Alive Comeback

Once again life happened and rendered me incapable of working on this blog, aka tired as heck.  That's what happens when you are super busy at work and you had 2 days off in the past 2 weeks.  No bueno.  But enough whining.  On with this super, SUPER late post that I promised ages ago here (yes that was over a month ago... shame on moi):

Big Bang has obviously been killing it left and right for the past few months.  They released the Alive album and had a phenomenal comeback.  They just released their "Monster" album, which I am about to go download in a hot second, and I'm sure they'll be blasting up the charts and rolling in the $$$ with this one too.  

Big Bang's style during the Alive promotional cycle was a mixture of '80s and '90s references, dyed hair pieces and some crazy, with a dash of wtf thrown in for good measure but I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.  I'm all for some craziness and wtf-ery in an idol's sartorial choices.  Bring it on, Big Bang!

Source: Credit as tagged, BIGBANG @ facebook via bigbangupdateskpopmusickpopconcerts, credit where due.



  1. I'm glad you are okay, I noticed you were quiet. I added something to my blog which in a sense is a tribute to kpop fashion.

    I love some of the clothes these guys are wearing.

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  3. hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy como los a big bang <3

  4. Hola! Gracias por su commentario. :)


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