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Shinee continues to be cute and funny, I continue to post about them.

Today Shinee held a live stream video chat in Japan for the release of their Japanese Sherlock album.  They answered some questions from fans and were generally silly and amusing.  This is in Japanese and Korean, mostly without English subs (yet) but it's still really good.  There are a few videos at the bottom with some subs.  Those are a definite must watch for any Shawol.

The Japanese Version of "Sherlock" will be released on May 16th.  

As more videos and/or English subs become available, I'll update this page.  As usual, watch quickly in case they get deleted.  Edited to add: Eng subs available here.

Source: MsKeybumThebbeamsPP2pinkyTOP89TodaysGreatItaem

English subbed vids:

Fyi Onew, you're killing me.  I was really cracking up at this.  He's such a fool (in a good way!  Don't get your panties all in a bunch).

Source: jujutaem

Key, stop wearing cute stuff.

Ok, no...really...don't.

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