(BEDA) Day 1- Boy Band Member Most Likely to Win a Drag Queen Competition

I stumbled across the blog Mcroth's Residence yesterday and found this daily blogging challenge that I just had to participate in.  I missed the first day but I'm definitely starting there because how could I not??

JoKwon was already chosen so I chose Infinite's Sungjong because he is a Diva in training.

Yes, this maknae might be a baby but this boy is not scared to show just how fierce he is.  He makes sure to bring realness to every girl group performance he does.  Not convinced?  Take a gander at the videos below.

Source: fineryJewelkpop10com

1 comment:

  1. Diva in training! LOL!!! Oh he is too and as you say, definitely fierce!


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