Videos of the Day: Korean Hip Hop

I'm in the mood for some Korean hip hop today, which means I've got a little bit of everything for ya, from the commercial to the underground.  Enjoy!

GD & CL perform The Leaders

Big Bang's G-Dragon and 2NE1's CL at The Leaders in 2009.  They're little but fierce here and I really like their flow.

Anyone that can strut around in those heels and outfit like it's nothing gets my vote, and that's a fact!

PHANTOM- Tripartite Conference screen cap

PHANTOM- KR/NZ/JP Tripartite Conference(한.뉴.일3자회담)

I'm still impatiently waiting for PHANTOM's mini-album to come out, as mentioned previously here, but I found this gem.

Fyi, it's got NSFW lyrics.  Link to download the song for free, if you so choose, at their YT page here.

I just heard this underground hip hop type tune today and it's good as hell.  Hope you like:

고개들고워썹 (say wussup) - 비즈니즈(BIZNIZ)

Was that last one underground enough for you??  

Source: BrandnewmusickoreaYGBIGBANG060819ze-lus.


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