PHANTOM's "Hole In Your Face" Controversy

I saw the teaser for the group Phantom's first single, "Hole In Your Face" last week and my first reaction was shock.  I'll admit I'm not really fazed by gore or violence in movies or tv but this teaser was definitely a HUGE surprise.  Kpop prides itself on being more innocent and less sexy than American pop so for a Kpop group to debut with this sort of teaser was quite a call for attention.  They definitely have my attention.  
Here's the teaser: 

There was, of course, a general outcry so they decided to release a clean version:

The video is still pretty graphic and surprising... I'm not crazy about how they decided to add a whole dream sequence explanation at the end.  Way to dumb it down, guys, but I'm sure the whole shock and awe factor served its purpose, right?  

I'm really enjoying the song a lot, which I wasn't expecting to do.   I am definitely a fan of their voices, especially after finding the following videos on their label Brand New Music's Youtube page:

All videos source:  Brandnewmusickorea

Their teasers are inventive and not the norm, which is always great in my book.  They definitely seem extra talented and I can't wait to hear their whole mini-album.  
What do you guys think?
Phantom’s Agency talks about the clean version of ‘Hole in Your Face’ MV
by Leesa86
Phantom released their debut single Hole In Your Face” on the 25th, however the teaser for the MV was met with much controversy as it contained a scene with gunfire. Recently, the boys released a clean version of the official MV via their Youtube channel on November 27th.
The entire MV is in black and white, giving it a completely different feel from the teaser. The gunfire scene has been cut out, and the boys put on a small skit towards the end to help their fans understand the story better, and thus be able to enjoy the music more.
Their agency stated, “With the clean version, we took into consideration the opinions of our fans. They felt that there was too much focus on the controversy surrounding the MV, which took away from the quality and sound of the actual track itself. We didn’t want to release an intense MV to ruin the image of Phantom who are just starting off their career, so we went with the clean version.”
We will be in close communication with our fans and work fast to deal with these sorts of issues. We will be continuously releasing fresh and fitting material“, they continued.
Brand New Music remarked, “There has been a lot of positive feedback regarding “Hole in Your Face”, which is just a small taste / teaser of their mini-album. The mini-album is scheduled to be released early next year. We will work even harder to maintain this sort of response from our fans“.
Phantom will be making their debut performance on December 2nd at ‘Looks Even Better‘, the concert for label mate Verbal Jint.
Source: allkpop via Nate


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