Style I Love: Winter Coats

It's super, extra freezing here today...there were even a few snow flurries coming down earlier and now it's quite windy.  I'm mentioning that because it's been the oddest winter season that I can remember in that it's been extra mild.  I'm kinda glad I finally get to bust out a coat and gloves (I'm sure I'll be over that in a hot second).

I adore fall and winter clothing a ton.  You'll always find me wearing at least three pieces of clothing, even in the summer.  When fall comes around I'm all in my element, piling on boots and cardigans and scarves and hats and... and... You get the picture, I'm sure.  I especially adore a really cool coat atop a really cool outfit.


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  1. Here in the UK, up until yesterday, it's been really mild too. I put on a thick jacket for the first time all winter and I must say like you, I'm enjoying having a chance to get decked out in winter gear.

    I've never owned a coat, I just wear jackets.


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