[ANNOUNCEMENT] Why Oddness/Weirdness Has Been Silent For So Long

Hey friends, fans and fellow Oddities!  I know it's been over a month since I posted anything on here, and I apologize for that.

(There's an appropriate SHINee gif for every occasion, as you probably know)

Mianhe!  Jeong mal mianhe! 

 So here's my explanation:

I recently started a new job that requires me to travel to and from New York City (which takes about an hour each way) and it's a pretty intense job.  This has resulted in me being exhausted by the time I get home, which has not been conducive to blogging... :sigh:  Don't get me wrong!  I do like my new job and going into the city, it's just that real life is taking away from my kpop life and that is no type of fun right there.

My solution?  Purchase a laptop.  I'll be getting one in the next few weeks, which will mean a marked increase in blogging activities at that time.  I can't wait!

I'm sad that I've missed ranting and raving about all the interesting things that have gone on recently.  So much has happened!  However, I have not stopped posting news, pics and info to the Oddness/Weirdness Facebook page, so you can still catch me there.

Fyi, I'll be doing stuff like blogging on Hallyusmash.com with my Kpop blogger friends (we have some exciting things in the works!), as well as monthly podcasts in which we'll squasp about things.  I'll also get around to that damned EXO Growl drama mv explanation post that I promised that people seem to really want.  Sorry about that, guys!  I swear I'm going to do it.

Anyway, I hope you readers haven't totally deserted the blog... I'll see you soon!  I miss you guys!

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  1. Hullll...I thought you're abandoning us... But I saw your fb page but with diff admin.
    Congrats for your new job, and I hope you can get new laptop in 2 days :P
    You're missed A LOT!!!!

  2. I thought you'd died. No joking that would be sick, I just forgot all about you. No that's a lie too, I just thought your blog posts weren't showing up in my reader or that you'd decided you hated Kpop and preferred classical music. :D

  3. First I was worried something horrible happened to you, then I saw you were still posting on Facebook, so I figured you were fine and just wanted to give ringa linga enough time for people to truly enjoy. I hope you get your laptop and have a Merry Christmas.

  4. I figured it was something work related! Glad to see you back on the ol' blog, too.

  5. we have the same givenchy bag! *excited*

  6. I missed you in everywhere (FB + blog)! (T-T) I hope that a laptop could solve this mismatch between duties and wills. Fighting! And thanks for being still here!!

  7. Lol heyyyy stranger! How's things? Your blog never showed up in my reader but I have visited you a few times. Hope you're having a fab Christmas!

  8. I sure have... and here I was thinking people would've forgotten about me so far. It's nice to know that's not true lol. Missed you too!

  9. But I've seen you on FB! Just to let you know you might not see my posts on your feed in FB because FB is trying to make all page owners pay to have their content show up. You have to go to the actual page. Sigghhh. I'll be back soon!

  10. Yes it sure is. Glad to see you still here lol. :D

  11. Ringa Linga needed time to permeate everyone's consciousness lol. Nothing horrible has happened to me thankfully. U have a merry Christmas too!

  12. Hey I'm doing okay, I think. Thanks for visiting, what a pain that my blog doesn't show up in your reader. I think sometimes you just have to add the address again, because the following tool doesn't always work. I can never get Wordpress blogs to show up in my reader.

  13. You were definitely missed Erika, glad you're back!

    I know how it is when work interferes with fangirling but unfortunately those bills ain't gonna pay themselves.

    Welcome back!

  14. Thanks so much! Yeah, that damned work. :humph:


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