SHINee's Group Teasers, "Symptoms" Lyric Teaser With English Subs And More!

So last night I had a little power/cable snafu on our block PLUS I wasn't feeling well, which means I wasn't able to blog about SHINee's newest teasers (damn New Jersey and its crappy power grid situation!  Also damn getting sick right before SHINee's comeback!) but now I'm here to squee.  Can we all just stop for a minute and say "WOW!!!" because that was my reaction to SHINee's group teasers and their lyric teaser for the as yet unreleased song "Symptoms".  I know you probably did all your squasping (a new word made up by Twitter bestie Leaf and Kpop blogger that combines SQUEE and GASP) last night and earlier today but humor me, why don't you?

SQUASP!  Really guys?  REALLY??  This is just too much goodness all in one place... rawr.

Let's see... Jewelery?  Fab (can I haz those rings?).  Outfits?  Fab.  Photography and facial expressions/positions?  Double fab.  I cannot, I just cannot with them for this comeback.  Pleeeaazzzee let them continue on with this concept for at least the mv and first comeback stage?

And how about this piece of heaven in video form right here:

SHINee "Symptoms" lyric teaser:

"Symptoms" lyrics teaser with English subs:

SHINee R&B is some of the best R&B, in my opinion (EXO's 2nd best, sorry).  This song was composed by none other than the legendary Jonghyun of "Juliet" and "Selene 6.23" fame.  The song was produced by The Underdogs, who have produced songs for random people you might have heard of like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.  No wonder it sounds so good; plus the words!  Damn.  What does Jonghyun know about all that love business??  Enquiring minds would like to know.

Did you hear Minho singing so well and so much?  Like I said before, I cannot with them.  I'm like a proud mama over here.

Also, how pretty was that teaser video?  This is the best lyric/medley teaser video they've ever done for SHINee, and that's the truth (anyone remember this?)

Ok I'm going to calm down for a second so I can add this next video:

SHINee's Music Bank comeback teaser:

I even have some SHINee "Everybody" art for you to take a look at by clicking this link!  Yeah that's awesome.  No I don't have any idea how they can produce that so quickly.

Fyi, SHINee's "Everybody" album medley will be released today so check back soon!

One last thing:

As mentioned on Minho's teaser post, SMTOWN will be holding a “SHINee COMEBACK SPECIAL Live”, on October 6th at 8PM KST, which will be broadcast here on their Official SMTOWN Youtube Channel.

Please join me that day for a SHINee Everybody Comeback Special Viewing Party + Chat!  I'll be hanging out with some friends on the Oddness/Weirdness Chatango page (or you can use the small box on the left sidebar), chatting about SHINee and squasping.  Just click here to figure out what time you need to show up.  If you live on the East Coast of the United States, it would be October 6th at 7am.  Hope to see you there!

Click here for more SHINee "Everybody" news and teasers.

Source: Yahoo! Philippines, sfinee, HITTsubsSMTOWNSHINee official sitejamieee515

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