SHINee Won With "Everybody" On Show Champion Yesterday Yay!

My title pretty much encompasses how I felt about SHINee finally winning something for "Everybody".  They took home the gold goblet on Show Champion yesterday and I was all "YAYYYYYY!" and "Phew!" :wipes brow:  I'm just going to post all the good videos + some pics here for ya and I've even got some English subs, because Shawols are (as usual) awesome.

SHINee Symptoms and Everybody on Show Champion:

#1 and Encore:

SHINee TV + Encore with English subs:

 Enjoy the following pics of them being cute, Jonghyun being extra with a bit of f(x) or, in other words, tons of cutie pie Amber:

Now let's just make sure SHINee wins with "Everybody" some more, ok??  Thanks!

Source: KMusicLiveMBCairyarielle718.

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  1. Loving the Amber-Onew interaction! And SHINee tv w/Amber - that was a lot of touchy-feely? And Sulli was adorbs as usual.

  2. I love watching Minho being so goofy. SHINee TV really should be a thing.

  3. Let's petition for Shinee TV because they're always cute.

  4. It WAS very touchy feely right? At one point Key touched her and Taemin moved his hand away and I was all "Is that right??" Innnteresting!

  5. Lol It's ok, I'm sure you're not the only one. Did you also play the Everybody mv over and over to get the views up?


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