Oddness/Weirdness Wishes You A Happy SHINee Halloween 2013!

Today is October 31st, which means I had to do a SHINee Halloween post before heading out for some good times.  I'm just going to take this chance to wish you a great Halloween, little kid card style (whut whut!):

I had way too much fun making this because I am a nerd.  Shhh don't tell anyone.

The above pic was taken from SM Entertainment's Halloween party on October 28th, but earlier that day SHINee held a fansign at Shingsegae Department Store in Seoul, to which they wore these costumes.  Can you imagine how hyped you would've been if you'd have been there?  SO HYPED!

Jonghyun was so happy to be in costume that day that he took to spazzing on Twitter.  After watching "SHINee's One Fine Day/Wonderful Day" I'm sure we already could've guessed that Jjong is a big Naruto manga fanboy.  Key, however, spazzed in his own more subdued way on Instagram:

@realjonghyun90: Kekegekegegekegegegegegegegegekegegegege
kegekegegegekegegegekegeke Happy Halloween


You can see more tweets and pics on their respective accounts.

Key went as Piccolo from Dragon Ball, everyone thought at first that Taemin was cosplaying Dracula but come to find out he was really playing Marilyn Manson, and Onew came as Freddie Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street movies (a really good one too).  Take a look at a little news video about them and some more pics below:

The most amusing thing about Onew's costume is that he could barely speak that day because if he did his gold teeth would fall out.  Fun!

Sadly Minho could not attend because of his schedule for the k-drama Medical Top Team.  Too bad, because all he would've had to do is come dressed up in his scrubs and doctor's coat.

Key is no stranger to going all out on his costumes for Halloween.  Remember this last year?

Those are Key's me2day uploads from 2012 that he took on the way to a party.  He makes a good Joker, doesn't he?

You can see more pics from SMTOWN's Halloween party on the Oddness/Weirdness Facebook page here and also here on the SMTOWN FB page.

Ok kiddies, be safe, have a great night and don't let the ghosties and ghoulies get you!

What will you be going as this Halloween?

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