UPDATED: Key's Teasers For SHINee's "Everybody" Mini Album Are Out!

It's Key's turn to look like a New Romantic in the SHINee "Everybody" teaser merry go round and he's werking it like the fashion forward diva he is.  What do you think?

SHINee's Key everybody album teaser 1

SHINee's Key everybody album teaser 2

SHINee's Key everybody album teaser 3

While I love the photography, the makeup and the clothing choices in this set of pics, I'm not freaking out over them like I was over Taemin's.  I'm still happy as a clam about the concept and can't wait to see Minho's and Jonghyun's.  Will they save the best for last?  We'll see, won't we?

I've always been fascinated with SHINee's concepts and fashion (and wondered who was behind all of this fabulousness) so I was excited to finally get a chance to read about SM's Visual & Art Director, Min Heejin.  Click that link for a super informative read while I weep to the side over the fact that I don't have her job.

I'm going to take this moment to squee over the new look on the site.  It's not a huge overhaul or anything but it's different and I love it.  If it looks almost the same to you, please clear your cache and let me know what you think.  Thanks to Lori at Hallyu Smash blog for her help with the banner and for doing all the other hard work.  You're awesome!

Alright guys, as usual you can click here for previous SHINee "Everybody" news and teasers, and please check back for more tomorrow!

Got thoughts on SHINee's "Everybody" concept?  General comments or concerns?  Let me know below!

Source: Panic Station

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