[GUEST BLOGGER WEEK] Dibididis, My Name is Minho: A Fashion Appreciation Post

Day 3 of Guest Blogger Week is here and today we're all about SHINee's Minho and his fine self.  I've been meaning to do a fashion post about him for the longest time, so I was very happy to get this one in my email.  Behold, an ode to Minho's style:

Dibidibidis, My Name is Minho: A Fashion Appreciation Post

SHINee, since their debut, has always been prefaced by ‘contemporary’ to their name.  Meant to signify the group’s experimental take on K-Pop, SHINee’s fashion, like their music, always been trendy and attention grabbing.

But what about when they’re not onstage?  Self-professed fashion lover Key is the most prominent style-wise, taking selfies with House of Holland designer HenryHolland and chilling with Carri Munden of Cassette Playa. Conversely, as arguably the most publicly recognized face in SHINee, Minho’s fashion sense has been overlooked. Which is interesting but understandable: where are your eyes going to linger in this photo op?

Key’s the perfect fashion foil to Minho: while the former is playful and irreverent in his dress, the latter is understated and conventional.  But that doesn’t mean he’s a bad dresser so the time has finally come for a Minho style appreciation post!

Minho’s personal style centres around classic wardrobe pieces and simple silhouettes. Duffle coats, wool scarves, a t-shirt or a nice button down.  He wears generally muted or neutral colours and his outfits are never flashy, but why would you need to if you had his proportions? Sometimes all you need is a white tee and model-status legs to fill out a pair of skinnies.

Minho’s also an outerwear guy because it allows him to play with layering, texture and silhouette in subtle ways.

If I had to pinpoint some influences though, Minho would be of the Preppy persuasion (who better to model the Konkuk University brochure) mixed with the Left Bank look  -- think ‘understated French cool’ like fashion lines A.P.C or sandro.

Given his passion for football and penchant for Adidas and Burberry, he’s probably taking some cues from football casual culture too.  He really wants you to know he’s into Burberry.

So that’s my take on Minho’s fashion style! What do you think, and were there any favourite outfits sported by Flaming Charisma that I missed?

Minho and Key are my favourite fashion odd couple!

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Yannie loves Onew, boozy cocktails and board games. Currently an illustration student with a previous degree in art history, she lives in Toronto and wishes she had more shoes. When not reading nerdy books on art theory for fun, you can find her doing 'research' for her projects on tumblr. Yannie's goal in life is to work in editorial illustration, turn everyone she knows into Shawols and live within walking distance of a good bar with happy hours.

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