[ANNOUNCEMENT] Get Ready For Guest Blogger Week Part 2

It's about to be Guest Blogger Week again on Oddness/Weirdness from October 14-19!  If you're not quite sure what that is, I am here to tell you that it is pretty self explanatory.  Guest Blogger Week is where I plead with ask some of my writer/blogger friends if they'd like to write a post for the blog and they kindly say yes and then I'm like, "Score!", because they're awesome.  So get your bodies ready, gird your loins, grab some popcorn, etc., because it's going to be a good week.

Let me introduce you to my guest bloggers:

  • Leaf is a mother of twins who loves Kpop and K-dramas.  She charts her daily fascination with those 2 things on her blog, which you can check out here: My Kpop Obsession.
  • LoriLou is another Kpop and K-drama addict who also web designs when she's not staring at Taemin.  You can find her writings at her blog, Hallyu Smash
  • Yannie is a self confessed Onew lover with a penchant for fashion and all things SHINee.  She's also an artist and you can peep some of her art at her perfectly curated Tumblr blog here.
  • Moni is forever making me laugh on Twitter, she writes well AND loves fashion and Kpop.  Of course I had to include her!  See what she's all about at her blog: Frock Yeah.
  • Julyssa is a jack of all trades, including Contributing Editor to YAM Magazine, frequent traveler, web marketer, event coordinator... the list goes on and on.  
  • Line aka Nani blew us away last spring with her spot on (and humorously expletive filled) rant about Kpop fans so I knew I needed to have her back.  Let's just say her upcoming post should be a doozy.  Read more of her stuff here: Nancakes.

Be sure to go back and read the posts from the last Guest Blogger Week if you haven't done so already.  See you on Monday!

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