It's Here: SHINee's "The Misconceptions Of Us" Repackage Album

SHINee's "The Misconceptions Of Us" has just been released!  Why wasn't I expecting this right now?  How'd I forget to anticipate it?  I have no idea, but I'm happy about it.  Of course someone has managed to upload the 2 new songs already so get ready to take a listen.

shinee the misconceptions of us album art by key

Make sure to listen right away because you know these audios of the new songs will be taken down quickly.

"Better Off":

"Selene 6.23" (The Distance Between Us):

To me both songs are very ready-for-kdrama (normally not my thing at all) but they're still good nonetheless.  I can honestly say that "Selene 6.23" is very pretty.  I'm liking the Yiruma piano arrangement quite a bit.  "Better Off" is very adult contemporary and jazzy (once again not my thing) and very soothing.  

You can buy the album or songs on the following digital sites:

iTunes: (coming soon!)

No word yet on whether SHINee will promote any of these songs on the music shows, but I hope they do.  

What are you thoughts on "Better Off" and "Selene 6.23"?

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