G-Dragon Greets The Fans At KCON 2013, Twitter Goes Beserk

KCON is taking place as we speak in California at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena where, through Sunday, some lucky fans will get to rub shoulders  with some of their favorite Kpop celebs.  Stars like EXO, 2AM, f(x), Teen Top and more are attending this event but it is my belief that the luckiest fans are the ones that get to see the one and only G-Dragon.

g-dragon artist engagement kcon 130824
Cr: @kimjunce

Earlier today G-Dragon attended his KCON artist engagement, aka mini fan meeting, and my timeline was flooded with tweets about the man himself and how good he looked.  Take a look at some of the best ones:

This one made me laugh:

joolulu THATS HOW CLOSE @itsnickay AND I WERE TO GD! We saw the sweat glistening on his neck and his nipples. Just can't get enough of his face. Less than 10 feet away. #soblessed#thankgoodnessiwontheraffle#hewassobeautifulupclose#sofreakinhandsome #gdragon #kcon#kcon2013 #awesomeexperience

You know you're close when you can see up GD's nostrils:

GD himself posted this one earlier today when he met up with someone familiar:

Yep, that's right.  G-Dragon will be performing the new Missy Elliot collab song with Missy Elliot.  I so wish I was there just for that.

Want the full GD interview? Click here for the MWAVE forum.  Also, check back soon for more G-Dragon at KCON info.  

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