EXO Releases Official Growl Dance Practice Vids, I Have Issues With My Ovaries As Usual

SM Entertainment has released EXO's "Growl" dance practice videos, which means I had to sit there and watch them over and over a few times, even though I've watched the ganked dance practice version a ton of times.  I'm going to need for you guys to watch them with me because I can't be the only one having issues over these 12 boys.

exo growl dance practice screencap

EXO Growl Dance Only Korean version:

EXO Growl Dance Only Chinese version:

Yes this is another EXO "Growl" post and yessss I'm still raving over everything to do with this song.  I can't help it that I keep noticing new things everytime I watch a performance (I do the same thing with SHINee, so bear with me here)!

I'm still in love with how Kai hits everything so hard (and his facial expressions when he does so).  Is it wrong to mention once again that I can't take my eyes off him ever when he dances?  I have to actually make myself watch the others, except maybe Luhan, Lay and D.O. Especially D.O. and his cute as hell "I'm sanging it so hard!" faces.  Kai at the end with the hat is also particularly cute.

It really cracks me up how Chanyeol has absolutely no rhythm in that break where they all go to the floor except him.  Poor guy.  What also makes me laugh is Sehun's utter lack of facial expression in any of these performances.  He really needs to practice more in the mirror if he's going to be at the front of the group like that.  Unless... Is that his version of a sexy look?  Eek!

Another thing I noticed and enjoy is the way the incorporate different members into EXO-K and EXO-M now.  I'm so glad they aren't keeping them separate anymore.  I think it works a lot better this way, even if there are 12 of them on stage at any given time.

I meant to post this August 4th version of EXO's "Growl" on Inkigayo earlier but today is as good as any.

I'm adding it here because, while I love seeing the boys move the helicopter cam around up close and personal, it's also really great to see them do it in the round from above and to the side.

I really like how they don't quite mirror each other, but they're still copying each other's dance moves.  Ingenious.  SMent and choreographer Nick Bass did a stellar job with this one.  I also like how they tailor each performance to the size of the stage.  Their choreographers left no stone unturned with their thoughts on how to make all their "Growl" performances unique and exciting.

Alright EXO, I'm gonna need for you guys to stop stalking your way up my bias list, one performance at a time.  No way can you unseat my top 5 but you're coming pretty darned close.

Source: TanVuMp3SMTOWN.  Screencap by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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