2NE1's "Do You Love Me" Dance Practice Video Is Out + Get CL's Fashion

So YG Entertainment decided not to troll us for once because they released 2NE1's "Do You Love Me" on time.  Can you imagine?  The song is pretty good, I must say, and the choreography is cute.  Let's watch:

"Do You Love Me" is your typical 2NE1 anthem club banger.  It's a fun song that was, according to YG, supposed to be as bombastic as "I Am The Best".  They came close but didn't quite hit the mark in my opinion.  That song is my hands down favorite 2NE1 song and is something that I still listen to to this day, so it's going to take a lot to unseat it.  It kind of sucks that I'll forever be waiting for them to come out with something better than "I Am The Best" but I can't help it.  That's just how it is in my world.

The choreography for this one is good for them but I think I like their choreo for "Falling In Love" just a little bit better so far.  Did I see them do the unnie at 1:54?  Cute.

What I really like is that they were singing live here.  CL sounds great but Park Bom really stands out for me.  She's really killing it here and I can't wait to hear her on the music shows.

CL is wearing some tomboy chic in the guise of the Christopher Kane "Creature" men's sweatsuit, which I've seen on quite a few Kpop stars so far:

2ne1 cl christopher kane creature hoodie do you love me

2ne1 cl christopher kane creatue sweatpants do you love me

The hoodie is $690 and the pant is $525 and you can get them at Ssense.com by clicking here and here.

She's also got on (of course) a pair of Jeremy Scott x Adidas Wings 2.0s:

This exact style is probably only still available at boutique stores or Ebay, but you can get a similar style, the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Wings 2 Pixel at Adidas.com.

The full mv for "Do You Love Me" will be released on August 8th in Korea, which means August 7th for people on the other side of the world.  You can, however, already download the song at Itunes here.

What did you think of the song and choreography?

Source: 2NE1ssense.

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