Oddness/Weirdness Says Thanks For The Liebster Award!

So apparently this blog has received one of those blogger-to-blogger awards.  This one is called the Liebster Award and it's from a blog I just happened to stumble upon called My Kpop Obsession.  Aww... :sniffle:  I'd like to thank my mom, my cat... Lol nah.  But seriously, let me tell you a little bit more about it.

See, I was checking my stats the other day (seeing how people get to this site, checking to see if any blogs have linked to me, all that good stuff) when I came upon this great post at: G-Dragon and Oversized Shoes.  I of course did a bit of spazzing because:
A. She said some really nice things about this blog
B. I'm not the only person that noticed and wondered about GD's big ass shoes
C. She wrote about this phenomena in such an informative way, plus her other articles are good too.

A couple days later I was perusing her blog again when I noticed this post, in which she had received the award and then decided to extend me the honor.   Isn't that sweet?  Thanks so much!

WTF is a Liebster Award?

I thought you'd never ask.  There are is all kinds of differing info on this award all over the net, but the gist is that liebster is German for "favorite", or lovely, kind, pleasant, etc.  It's given to an up and coming blog that has either 200 or less followers or 3000 or less followers (it seems to fluctuate over the years).  I can thankfully say that this blog definitely has over 200 followers but bit less than 3000 (I'm working on it!).

There are rules, by the way.  Yes, rules...

According to what seems to be the Kpop version of this award, I'm supposed to do the following:

1. Tell you 11 facts about myself

  • This blog will be 2 years old in October, which I still can't believe.  
  • I'm older than you might think.  In fact I'm over 30!  So yeah, I could totally be your older, fashion and kpop obsessed noona or unnie.  I have no problem with that.  Hopefully by now I've managed to stomp my way into your daily routine.  If not, my flatform shoes are kinda heavy, so watch out!  ;)
  • Since I'm a grown up (kind of), I have to have a job.  Sighhhh... No fun!  Unfortunately that means sometimes I can't blog as much as I'd like to.
  • It might be weird that I'm blogging about Kpop at my age but I could care less.  I like it and that's all that matters!  Heh.
  • I'm originally from Panama in Central America.  This means I'm Black Hispanic by way of the Carribean. 
  • Wondering what I look like?  Go here: about.me/erikak
  • This blog is run by only me but I'd like to branch out into other areas of Kpop with more writers and all that jazz.  Maybe one day I canstart doing this professionally.  Who knows?
  • I have no kids and I don't plan to.  Whee!
  • I'm obsessed with proper grammar and punctuation, which can make writing this blog a harrowing experience.  In other words, if you see a mistake let me know.
  • I hate chocolate food or drinks.  That's weird, I know.  On occasion I'll eat a candy bar but that's it.  I also can't stand onions... Ugh. :shudder:
  • I love to shop, read a lot and watch movies.  The last movie I saw was 'Despicable Me 2', which was super cute, but I'll watch anything from comedies to horror to action movies.  Sometimes I'll watch a good rom-com but not that often.  K-dramas are fun also.  


2. Answer questions from the blogger that nominated me:

A. How did you discover kpop?

I blame it all on Rain, to be honest.  You can read alllll about that in this overly long post here: Why I love Kpop (It's All Rain's Fault!).

B. What possessed you to start blogging about it?

Since I'm really into fashion and I've always had a fascination with gender-bending and androgyny, I was immediately captivated by all the images of boys wearing makeup and "feminine"(from the U.S. perspective anyway) clothing.  I also love the spectacle of it.  Most groups or singers on this side of the world don't put nearly as much effort into their image and personas and music videos as they do in Kpop.  They used to, and I miss that, but now I get it from Kpop.  I have no regrets.

They captured me with their androgyny and hard work ethic, then kept me with their fan service, music and personalities.  Manufactured or not, it's fun as hell and that makes me want to squee about it, so why not do it here?

C. Do you think it will ever go main-stream in the US, why or why-not?

No not really.  I think Kpop will continue to get more popular here, as people continue to stumble upon groups or singers that they like, but I think the U.S. is way too judgmental and scared of anything different for it to really catch on.  There was a time when people here were more open minded musically but I think people are sadly getting more insular and closed minded (in general) as the years go on.  I haven't actively listened to the radio in years, and there's a reason for that.

3. Recommend some blogs

The following are the blogs that I tend to find myself at over and over.

  • CloudUSA- For comprehensive and honest coverage on Rain, and the most welcoming Kpop community ever.  Right now they're focused on debunking all those crazy rumors and lies about Rain, so go read!
  • The One Shots- For often hilarious and informative commentary on the Kpop world.
  • The Pink Fashion Ninja- Blogging about what it's like to live and work in Korea, going to concerts, Kpop fashion and more.
  • Nancakes.org- Not neccessarily a Kpop blog but she's crazy and fun and talks about beauty and Kpop.  What's not to love about that?

Please don't feel obligated to accept this award or answer these questions!  I just thought it was fun and am happy to promote the blogs I read.

4. Link back to the blog that gave you the award

Did that above, but here you go again:  My Kpop Obsession.  I'm still reading through this blog and loving it so far.  Enjoy!

If you managed to get this far, thanks for reading, as usual.  You rock.

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