SHINee To Release A Repackaged Album, "The Misconceptions Of Us"

The rumors are true, guys!  SHINee will be releasing another album in August, but this time it's a repackage.

shinee the misconceptions of us news

It was announced today that our favorite boys will be releasing a repackage album called "Chapter 3- The Misconceptions of Us" on August 8th.  The best part about this news is that the album will contain 2 new songs with lyrics that were written by Jonghyun.  The songs will be called "Selene 6.23" (the Korean title is "The Distance Between Us"), and "Better Off".

Apparently "Selene 6.23" is a ballad that will feature an orchestral arrangement and a piano melody by New Age artist Yiruma.  Sounds interesting!  I guess the objective is to make us sob and ugly cry.  That should be fun.

The album will also include "The Misconceptions of You" and "The Misconceptions of Me", which means it'll be pretty damned expensive so start saving now.

Stay tuned for more info on SHINee's repackaged album!

Source: soompi, akp.
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