SHINee Brought Some Rainbow Goodness To The MNET's 2013 20's Choice Awards, Plus They Won!

Earlier this morning, while many of you were still sleeping, SHINee were busy being fabulous at the MNET 20's Choice Awards.  They managed to wow us sartorially and perform the crap out of "Why So Serious?" and "Beautiful".  They also won the award they were up for, which was the 20's Performance Award (we knew that would happen... I mean, come on now).  I've got some gorgeous HQ pics, fancams and HD video for you below, so read on.

They say that the 20's Choice Awards are bestowed upon those lucky few Korean stars that have been the most influential on people in their 20's in the past year.  We know SHINee was influential with "Why So Serious?" but I would have assumed that "Dream Girl" would've been nominated instead, since it was a lot more popular.  However, it doesn't matter which song they won for because ultimately they deserved it.

Official MNET video of SHINee's Why So Serious? and Beautiful:

I liked this performance a lot, even though there were some issues.  I love that it was in the round so we can see all kinds of details we normally miss.  I also love that the camera people weren't those Spastic McSpastersons that like to jump from person to person and shake the camera and stuff.  That annoys me because I prefer to see the whole thing without a lot of crazy cuts.  I even noticed lots of choreography points that I never saw before.  Good job, Calm Camera People, you rock.

I loved that they were singing live all the way through.  They didn't take any lip syncing breaks to catch their breath while the backing track was playing, which has been known to happen (especially during "Sherlock").  Oh and this was 6 whole minutes of non stop performing, because they're good like that.

I know some people were wondering wtf but their rainbow grafitti suits gave me life.  They were so very, very SHINee.  I wonder if the suits were hand done for them and by whom?  I bet they were, because I haven't seen them anywhere else.  Anyone know what designer they're made by?

I didn't like that Taemin's mic wasn't as loud as everyone elses.  That sucks, and you could really tell at the end.  I also felt bad for Key because he kept having voice issues.  It's alright, you're still my fave!  Jonghyun, however, sounded incredible.  He made up for any problems they might have had.

SHINee Wins for 20s Performance:

This is the second year in a row that SHINee has won the 20's Performance award.  They won in 2012 with "Sherlock" for obvious reasons.

SHINee got to celebrate Taemin's 21st birthday on stage too:

Here are Jonghyun, Key and Onew looking stylish on the red carpet, or actually blue carpet:

I liked their outfits and color scheme (Onew, you go with your clutches and bold jewelry!) but I hated Key's hat and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Oh wait, silly me.  I just realized that Key dyed his hair at the venue.  Of course he did; he's fab that way.

Keystagram 130718: "hmm"

I love his jacket and jewelry the most.  Is this another grafitti

Even though the following is a Key fancam, my absolute favorite part is Jonghyun at 0:24.

Yaassss Jonghyun, werk!  I love it when they're super into the choreography, which grimaces to prove it.

Another Key fancam, "Beautiful":

WSS Taemin focus fancam:

"Beautiful" Onew focus:

Did you enjoy SHINee at the MNET 20's Choice Awards?

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