F(x) Teasers Galore: A "Rum Pum Pum Pum" MV Teaser, A Pink Tape Album Medley + More

Hey guys!  Sorry I've been away so much lately, but I've been working my butt off then being too tired when I get home.  I'm so behind on my posts that it's not even funny, but I had to jump f(x) ahead in line because they are just too cute and fun to pass up.  I talked about f(x)'s first teasers for their upcoming "Pink Tape" album a few days ago, and now SMent has gone and released even more goodies for us to squee over.

Amusingly enough, SMent has started trying to make it so their teasers can't be embedded.  That's so messed up.  Don't you want others to talk about your music all over the internets and get all excited about it as they do so?  Uggh.  Of course you know I had to find a way to work around that.

f(x) "Rum Pum Pum" mv teaser:

The mv teaser was released on the 22nd, which means I'm not THAT late, so yay.  I REALLY like the way this sounds and looks so far.  Let's just hope it continues to sound this good when it's released.  This might actually turn out to be my most favorite f(x) song.

Donghae... I mean... Jonghyun... I mean Amber.

You know what I really wish?  I wish they'd let these girls break free of all those boxes.  Set them free, SMent!  Let them go out into the world and bring forth MVs with, like, real scenery and stuff!

f(x) "Pink Tape" album highlight medley:

Pink Tape album medley track by track:

0:00-0:10. 첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)
0:10-0:16. Pretty Girl
0:16-0:24. Kick
0:24-0:31. 시그널 (Signal)
0:31-0:39. Step
0:39-0:44. Goodbye Summer (f(Amber+Luna+Krystal) (feat. D.O. of EXO-K))
0:44-0:52. Airplane
0:52-1:01. Toy
1:01-1:08. 여우 같은 내 친구 (No More)
1:08-1:17. Snapshot
1:17-1:23. Ending Page
1:23-1:33.미행 (그림자; Shadow)
1:33-1:46.첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)

These vintage photo looking teasers are gorgeous.

After listening to this I realized that this album could very well turn out to be the only f(x) album I will ever have purchased (so far).  Yes that's how good it sounds so far.  I'm pretty excited for them AND for my ears.

Some of these songs do sound like SHINee songs, don't you think?  I'm thinking "Pretty Girl" does, as well as "Signal".  "Signal" sounds like something that was supposed to be on "Misconceptions of You" and just didn't make the cut, or maybe they thought it would be better if a girl group sang it.  I do like that f(x) has their own signature style.  You're never going to be surprised that a song is by f(x), or not usually anyway.

"Pink Tape" tracklist (official song order):

1. 첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)
2. 미행 (그림자; Shadow)
3. Pretty Girl
4. Kick
5. 시그널 (Signal)
6. Step
7. Goodbye Summer (f(Amber+Luna+Krystal) (feat. D.O. of EXO-K))
8. Airplane
9. Toy
10. 여우 같은 내 친구 (No More)
11. Snapshot
12. Ending Page

f(x)'s "Pink Tape" album will be unleashed on the world on July 29th and you can check out the official album cover below:

Best album cover of the year, tbh, and one that certainly brings back some memories.

The girls will be making their first comeback stage on M! Countdown on the 25th.  Excited much?  I certainly am.

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