UPDATED- Video of the Day: SHINee's "Breaking News" PV Short Version

Damn that SHINee!  I was just about to go to bed, was scrolling through my Twitter sources and what pops up?  The short version of a new Japanese pv called "Breaking News".  Sigghhh... The perils of blogging about people that come out with stuff when I should be sleeping.  Seriously though, I'm actually very exited on the inside.  Go watch!

UPDATED: Scroll down for the full song.

shinee breaking news short pv screencap #1

Am I hallucinating or do their voices get better on each album?  I like the way they sound here.  They're getting better at harmonizing as the weaker voices of the group get stronger, and boy is that a lovely thing to behold.

shinee breaking news short pv screencap #2

I'm also of the opinion that their last few Japanese songs have been really good.  "Dazzling Girl" what?  "Breaking News" is way better, but let's not forget "1000 Years"!

shinee breaking news short pv screencap #3

You can tell that Tony Testa was tapped once again to do the choreography for this one, because it's got quite a few moves that remind me of "Sherlock".  Not that that's a bad thing.  I do like the choreo, especially when good ol' Taemin is in the middle dancing his ass off and waving his silky hair all around.  You go, TaeMAN!

shinee taemin breaking news short pv screencap #1

You know what I really wish?  I wish this was the full pv.  Here's the full song as found on the internet.  Make sure to listen quickly before it's deleted.  Universal Music Japan does not play around!

SHINee Breaking News full version (not the full mv):

Please make sure to support SHINee if you can by buying their album.  If anyone knows how we can pay to download their Japanese songs on mp3, leave me a comment below.

shinee onew breaking news short pv screencap

After listening to that longer version, I realized that I thoroughly love "Breaking News" and cannot wait for it to be released.  Onew and Jonghyun's voices really stand out the most to me, and they sound glorious.  Once again SMent: Never ever let SHINee comeback without one of the members.  It just doesn't work.

shinee key breaking news short pv screencap

I hope Universal plans to release the whole mv, unlike the "Dazzling Girl" debacle.  I (and tons of other Shawols) will be really annoyed if they don't.

shinee minho breaking news short pv screencap

This pv and song is from their 2nd Japanese album, "Boys Meet U".  SHINee is currently getting ready to release the album on July 26th and they're also preparing for their upcoming Japan Arena Tour, aptly entitled "Boys Meet U".  See how well that works out?

shinee jonghyun breaking news short pv screencap

By the way, I'm wide awake now.... thanks SHINee!  ;)

Click this link for more info on the "Boys Meet U" album and be sure to check back for even more.

What did you think of SHINee's "Breaking News" short pv and song?

Source: universalmusicjapanmond taeminDJpopinmouse.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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