Idol Style: G-Dragon's Off-Duty Fashion

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that G-Dragon is one stylish mother f-er.  When on stage, or out promoting, G-Dragon's outfits can veer from moderately outlandish to extreme eccentricity; he's in your face and he likes it that way.  But when he's out and about, hitting up those invitation only parties as GD, or at the airport as plain old Kwon Ji Yong, he's a tad bit more subdued... up to a point.

Today is all about off-duty G-Dragon, but I like him any which way.  How about you?

g-dragon my boon opening 120605

g-dragon fake tokyo street style japan

g-dragon airport fashion 120720

g-dragon airport fashion july 2012

g-dragon airport fashion july 2012

g-dragon 2010

g-dragon airport fashion 120803

g-dragon airport fashion 121605

g-dragon x ambush party 120920

g-dragon airport fashion 2012

g-dragon chanel party 2010

g-dragon airport style 2010

g-dragon marc jacobs fw 2011 fashion show

gd marc jacobs fw 2011 show

gd fashion

g-dragon in japan 130410

g-dragon airport style 122511

gd airport to gda 2013

gd in london 132001

g-dragon boots customized 2013 gda red carpet

g-dragon vogue fno september 2011

g-dragon in paris 120628

g-dragon at gmarket office

g-dragon galliano launch party dec. 2010

gd in  paris rick owens show 1

gd in paris rick owens 2

g-dragon dry finish party 2011

g-dragon primitive london

Source: Images credited as tagged and where due.

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