Super Junior M's Henry Lau Is Finally Out Of The SM Entertainment Dungeon

SM Entertainment revealed today that their solo male artist will be no other than that Canadian cutie pie Henry Lau.  His first solo album, which is called "Trap", will be released on June 7th through all the usual major music sites and he'll be touring the world to promote the album.

Congratulations Henry!!  It has been 7 lonnnnggg years since he first became a trainee for SM.  Can you imagine?  I sure can't.

henry lau solo teaser 130529

henry lau solo teaser #4 130529

Good for him for sticking it out that long because I know I couldn't have.  I mean, yeah he's a part of Super Junior M but they barely promote so that doesn't count.  Who knows what he's been doing with all that time??

Actually, besides doing random things like attending Berklee College of Music in Boston and starring in a movie, I'm sure he's been getting a lot of practicing in.  If you're not all that familiar with what Henry can do, check this out:

Henry's violin solo on Master Chef Korea Celebrity:

Henry's solo at Super Show 4 in Osaka:

Yeah the boy is talented.  He's got a really nice tone to his voice, he's incredible on the violin and the piano, AND he's also a songwriter and composer (amongst other things).  Wait...  Is that all??  Pfft.

Seriously though, I'm extremely excited for him, especially since he seems like such a sweet guy.  I'm dying to see what direction SM is going to let him take with his music, so bring on June 7th!

Source: Yahoo Philippines via bnt news,  chesungiesumgminful1.

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  1. Yes, he is talented, but how has he been a trainee for 13 years? Wasn't he chosen in 2006? Let's say he started right then, it would have been almost 7 years now. Unless there is some information I am missing, I wouldn't mind the clarification.

  2. Well thanks or pointing that out to me! I don't remember where I got the 13 from but I do remember thinking it was a reputable source. I'll change that ASAP.


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