UPDATED: SHINee's Jonghyun Will Finally Be Back Today On M! Countdown!

Let the partying begin, because SHINee's Jonghyun is finally back, and is making his "Why So Serious?" debut on M! Countdown.  He's only been gone for 2 months but it feels like forever, doesn't it?  Shawols everywhere are almost peeing their pants in excitement (including me).  It's pretty sad that he'll be back just when they are doing their goodbye stages on all the shows.  Sigghhh.  Want to see something awesome though?  Look at this business:

Shinee with Jonghyun on M! Countdown 130523

shinee with jonghyun on M! countdown 130523

DAMN he's blonde!  That's blonder than Key and Taemin have ever been.  It's so blonde it almost looks green... or is it actually green-ish?  Hmm... we shall see, won't we?  Also, DAMN he's thin.  Wth?  He hasn't even been doing all the dancing and singing and fan servicing that the others have... what's up with that?  Lastly, why does Key look annoyed?  Maybe he doesn't like his crazy half-skirt-over-shorts-with-knee-socks outfit.  Maybe he's feeling salty because he won't be able to hog the spotlight anymore.  Maybe he really needs to pee.  I don't know... I'm just throwing things out there.

To celebrate this auspicious day, I'll be holding a  party at this blog right here!  Come watch and chat with me, Stormy and Dasiey while we livestream Jonghyun's return on M! Countdown.

The party starts at 6pm Korean time in the Oddness/Weirdness chatbox (or you can go to this link: http://oddness-weirdness.chatango.com/).  You can figure out the correct time here:  http://www.worldtimeserver.com/worldclock.aspx.  If you live on the East Coast of the U.S., that means 5 am.  Yeesh!  But it's worth it, dammit!  We did it for their "Sherlock" comeback, and we can do it again.

You can livestream the show here:  http://mwave.interest.me/mcountdown/onair.m or here: http://www.kpopstreams.blogspot.com/ or even here: http://kpopstream.wix.com/streams#!justin-tv/c1w2e.

So be here or be square, or whatever slang you use to give people a hard time about not showing up to something.  It will be fun!

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