Let Me Introduce You To: IAMMEDIC

I was just sitting here listening to a relatively unknown band that I've been into for the past few years and musing over how good they are.  I started to think about how I could get more people acquainted with their music and then I realized: Well duh... I have a blog.  So let me introduce you to IAMMEDIC.

IAMMEDIC official
L to R: DJ Yup, Danny Park, lead singer Enik Lin and rapper Andre Harris.

Don't worry, this post isn't all that unrelated to Kpop.   IAMMEDIC is a South Korean/American band who describe their music as "electro glitch pop".  Consider them an indie version of your Kpop faves; in fact they're friends with YG protégé Lydia Paek, the Kpop group AZIATIX:

The list goes on.

You might have heard of them, actually.  IAMMEDIC opened for Brian Joo when he performed in 2010 in Los Angeles, and would have opened for JYJ in New York that same year if JYJ had been able to get their visas.  Danny Park is known for being the dj on Mnet America's Danny From L.A., and DJ Yup is a well known dj that brings in crowds throughout Seoul and the U.S.  You can read even more about the band by clicking here.

First things first, though... Let's get you listening to some of their music.  The following are some of my fave songs by this awesome band:

IAMMEDIC in NYC for one of their concerts, 2011.

IAMMEDIC'S songs seem so light and fun at first listen but there's quite a bit of darkness behind them, as you can see in their most recent mv below.  Apparently there's a real life story behind it, as there is for all the songs that Enik writes.


 I have a feeling that these guys will be famous sometime soon. 

Hopefully this post inspires you to listen to more of IAMMEDIC's music and learn more about them.  If you're interested you should definitely check out their Facebook page.  The guys are always popping in to chat, answer questions and post photos.  They're totally not your usual Kpop band, and I like it that way.

Get more info on IAMMEDIC:


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