[Guest Post] That Silly Little Sitcom "We Got Married" Starring SHINee's Taemin PART 2: Extreme Style! *Spoiler Alert*

Stormy's back with part 2 of her previous post about Taemin on We Got Married.  As usual, she's pissed off and wants everyone to know why.  Lol nah... she's not mad, she's just concerned.  Read on!

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That Silly Little Sitcom "We Got Married" Starring SHINee's Taemin PART 2 Extreme Style! *Spoiler Alert*

by StormofStarzZ2

I was really Really REALLY mad watching the 130519 episode of We Got Married.  To the extreme!  YES, Yes, yes I KNOW it's scripted; still nothing stops our magnificent maknae from speaking his mind!  We all know him well enough to see that many of his reactions are the real thing.  He never could hide his real feelings.

taemin shinee wgm episode 3 gif

Having to watch Taemin's face when he heard someone in the crowd call Na Eunslut was truly and utterly painful.  My worst fears realized.  I'm not gonna rant here, though I could.  No instead I choose to look at the positives.  Like how cute was Taemin sticking his cell phone out the window of the van leaving  today?

Shinee's Taemin shows his phone Inkigayo 130519

Look at him showing it off!  Kinda like fu*k ya all!  I'ma toss this in your face and you're gonna like it!  Extreme Taemin strikes again!

shinee taemin wgm screencap 1

When I saw him talking about being part of the Single Troop and saying he didn't like couple items because he was jealous I yelled "Good for you Taeminnie-ah! I'm so glad you're doing WGM!  You get to experience something normal for once!" 

How cute were they talking about hanging out at the playground 'til 6th grade?  All I could think of then was, "Well Taemin, after the 6th grade you joined SME and your normal life was pretty much over by then." 

shinee taemin a pink na eun wgm screencap 2 

He never really got to experience the normal relationship interactions.  I know... I know there have been rumors, including the most recent one about him dating a non-celeb which may indeed have been true, but apparently nothing lasted.  Was that because of the Idol Life?  Perhaps.  More likely it was due to extreme inexperience.  At any rate, Taemin seems to be forming definite ideas about what he wants and how he wants to do it.

shinee taemin wgm screencap 3
shinee taemin wgm screencap 4

Taemin is approaching this role like he does sports, like he pretty much does everything, Extreme Style!

shinee taemin wgm screencap 5

Ottoke Taeminnie-ah????  What are we gonna do with you!?

shinee taemin wgm screencap 6

Stormy out!

You can read more of Stormy's rants concerned thoughts on the Kpop world by clicking here.

Can you imagine that netizens are still giving Taemin and Na Eun a hard time?  Sound off in the comments.

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