EXO's 2nd Teaser For "Wolf" Is Hilarious

On May 28 SMent dropped EXO's newest teaser for their not yet released new single, "Wolf".  I watched it last night and I was thinking I'd be able to be nice and just mention the facts but I really can't.  I have to admit it.  I think this is so.... damned... FUNNY and you know you do too.

Let's be real here.  I'm sure that the choreography will probably be excellent and Kai and Lay will demolish it but come on!  What is this even??  Did you seriously think this was ok, SMent?  Please let this teaser be a fake out and the song sound totally different, because so far this is sounding really, really bad.

Some of the choreo worries me though.

They are making wolf mouth gestures with their hands here.  Enough said.

This is a wolf stance, those are wolf ears.  Wtf?  Also, are they wearing spats or spats-like shoe coverings??  Wtf?

Are you supposed to be scary or freaky in any way, Luhan?  Because you're not, sorry:

I wonder how the guys feel about all this??  I mean, Chen is side eyeing it:

... and D.O. looks pretty pissed off:

So yeahhhhh.... Call me worried.

It's being said that the "Wolf" mv will be released today at 6 pm Korean time.  That would be 5 am my time so I'll be dead asleep but I'll sure to post my thoughts tomorrow.

I cannot wait, how about you?

Source: SMTOWN.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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